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IMD 498a: Augmented reality for creatives and coders

This is a studio course I teach at University of Maryland's Immersive Media Design program.

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What’s the class about?

The goal of this course is to introduce the fundamental elements of concept creation, team collaboration, and technical skills necessary to create augmented reality (AR) experiences. You will explore what exactly makes an AR experience and how AR offers new ways to create immersive and interactive narratives.

This class has the vibe of a creative studio and a research laboratory rolled into one. The work you will do will be mostly project-based and you will be working a lot in small teams.

We’ll bring in guest speakers who are working professionally in immersive technology and you’ll leave the class with the skills and experience to create your own projects with AR.

Aishwarya Tare and Mahum Qadeer on their class project “Lone Light.”

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Who can take the class?
IMDM498A is open to UMD students from across campus with an interest in exploring creative applications of spatial technology.  Course permission is subject to instructor approval.

Email course instructor, Jonathan David Martin, at martinjd @ umd . edu for more information.

Successful students will have some experience in C#/C++/Java/Python or similar coding languages and an interest in one or more of the following areas: digital art and graphic design, game design, animation, or multi-media performance.

Priority will be given to upper level students, but first and second year students are welcome to apply.


MW 3:30-5:50pm


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