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"Joey is introduced as a foal but soon emerges as a mighty stallion — that is, a handsome representative made of cane, leather and wire, and given startlingly vivid life by a posse of actor/puppeteers." (War Horse at Lincoln Center) USA Today

"Martin positions Morris precisely: You see how Morris’s calm, steady focus on Catherine wins her, and how the young man’s prickly haste puts the doctor off." (The Heiress at Arena Stage) Washington Post

"incisive portrayals such as that of Jonathan David Martin, as the rapacious executive frontman for Merkin’s scheme" (Junk at Arena Stage) Washington Post

"the acting is stellar...Martin packs the Man with the right genteel obsessiveness, leavened by flashes of amusement." (Occupant at Theater J) Washington Post

"Jonathan David Martin as Peter Shaw is simply hysterical." (Silent Sky at Ford's Theatre) MD Theatre Guide

"such wry charm, boyish zest, and tweedy warmth we are won over immediately and for keeps. His wonderful portrayal is reminiscent of the TV talk show host Dick Cavett in his younger years. Indeed if this incessantly inquisitive character as played by Martin had his own celebrity-interview vlog, one can easily imagine how watchable it would be and how viral it could go." (Occupant at Theater J) DC Metro Arts

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